Just as you have family, friends and teachers that support you here on Earth – you also have a personal lineup of Celestial Helpers in the spiritual realm that can inspire, assist and offer guidance whenever you need it.

The Angel Whisperer Program is not only practical, educational, and inspiring but fun and exciting as well. Angel Whisperer coach and trainer Linda Berry provides a comprehensive private training and group coaching experience. She combines her skills, background, and knowledge in a unique series of personal training, metaphysical consultations & readings, and group coaching sessions with like-minded angel enthusiasts.

You don’t have to be a psychic or a medium to make contact with the “spiritual realm.” You frequently make that connection without even realizing it. Angels, Guides, Saints and several types of Celestial Helpers serve many roles and will make themselves known to you in a variety of different ways.

You have a lineup of Angels, Spiritual Guides, Saints and Ascended Masters who watch over you and are constantly with you, spiritually speaking. They inspire, guide, teach, protect you, and serve as your team of spiritual companions.

In addition to pre-arranging lessons, before incarnating you also pre-arrange to have this “spiritual lineup” at your side to help you throughout life if you choose to call on them. Forging a partnership with your varied Celestial Helpers enables you to benefit from the guidance they offer, which in turn will allow ease, grace, and miracles into your human experience.

Things to Discover in this Angel Whisperer™ Program

 Would you like to learn how to connect and communicate with your lineup of spiritual beings which include Angels, Guides, Saints, and other Celestial Helpers?

 Did you know that there are specific requirements that are first needed for your Celestial Helpers to draw close to you?

 Would you like to discover practical ways to deepen and have a more intimate relationship with your Angels, Guides, Saints, and other Celestial Helpers?

 Are you aware that spiritual beings use a special “sign language” to let you know when they are around?

 Would you like to understand the different roles or tasks of your Angels, Guides, Saints, and other Celestial Helpers?

Highlighted Features of the Angel Whisperer™ Program

 How to create a clear intention depending on which spiritual beings you would like to work with. This will help to deepen your relationship with them.

 Learning specific energetic preparations that will align you with your Celestial Helpers.

 Discover how to ask for signs and the myriad of ways that they can show up or manifest in your life.

 Understanding the Angels, Guides, Saints and other Celestial Helpers that have been part of your spiritual lineup since birth, and why some come in and out of your life.

 Knowing how to stay grounded and realizing what your “spiritual lineup” can do for you and what are your responsibilities.

 Consultations and Readings from Linda Berry as learning tools to understand your personal energetic realm and to help facilitate celestial communication.

What is included in the Angel Whisperer™ the Program?

 Personal one-on-one Training Sessions with Angel Whisperer expert Linda Berry.

 Group Coaching Sessions that bring together Angel enthusiasts in the program for a fun and exciting community. Collaborate with others to learn from their discoveries and celestial experiences.

 The first month includes personal Astrological Birth Chart Consultation (worth $300) with International Astrologer Linda Berry

 Following months include personal Angel Card Readings with Professional Card Reader & Trainer Linda Berry (worth $200 each)

 Angel Wings Tips – special tips & tricks to use for successful Angel communication.

 Get extensive materials & journals to create a personal “Celestial Guidebook” to use now and for years to come.

 What is Available and Cost?

 3-Month Program: $1,495 (monthly payments available)

 6-Month Program: $2,995 (monthly payments available)

NOTE: Special 12-Month Program is available for those who have completed at least the 6-Month Program and want to go to the next level.


Who is the Angel Whisperer™ Program for?

 Those who took the Angel Whisper Quiz and want to learn more about communication with the spiritual realm. (recommend the 3 or 6-month program)

 Those who have always had an interest in the spiritual realm, especially with Angels, Guides, Saints and other Celestial Helpers. (recommend the 3 or 6-month program)

 Those who have been in touch with spiritual beings or have had a celestial encounter and want to learn more about their experiences. (recommend 6-month program)

 Those who are “stepping into spiritual living” and want to start their journey with an informative, educational, and inspiring Spiritual Discovery Program. (requires a 6-month program with the option of the 12-month personal program)


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