Balancing Your Inner, Outer, and Other World brings Harmony to Your Life.

It’s time for us to work together.

The secret to modern-day spirituality is a blend of your real-world life with metaphysics and science. The serendipitous relationship between the energetic dimensions brings us the miracles in our lives. You can tap into this magic and create a life of wonder and excitement. Why not start Today.

Opportunities for Spiritual Growth

1-on-1 Coaching

Spiritual Discovery™  Training Program

$200: 90-minute sessions

Sessions are weekly or bi-monthly

Spiritual Discovery™  Training Program offers ongoing sessions to help clients achieve an integrated mind, body, and spirit connection. This training maps out a path to be chosen and specific goals to be achieved right now that will carry on throughout your lifetime.

Individual Spiritual Discovery™  Session

$150-$200: 60 or 90-minute sessions

Individual assistance in any area of Spiritual Guidance needed.

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Become an Angel Whisperer


Just as you have family, friends, and teachers that support you here on Earth – you also have a personal lineup of Celestial Helpers in the spiritual realm that can inspire, assist and offer guidance whenever you need it. 

The Angel Whisperer Program is not only practical, educational, and inspiring but fun & exciting as well. Angel Whisperer coach and trainer Linda Berry provides a comprehensive private training and group coaching experience. She combines her skills, background, and knowledge in a unique series of personal training, metaphysical consultations & readings, and group coaching sessions with like-minded angel enthusiasts.  

You don’t have to be a psychic or a medium to make contact with the “spiritual realm.” You frequently make that connection without even realizing it. Angels, Guides, and several types of Celestial Helpers serve many roles and will make themselves known to you in a variety of different ways. 

You have a lineup of Angels, Spiritual Guides, Ascended Masters, and Saints who watch over you and are constantly with you, spiritually speaking. They inspire, guide, teach, protect you, and serve as your spiritual companions. 

3 - Month Angel Whisperer Program

$1495: 3 month program

Paying in full saves You $175 for the three months

$440 per month for 3 months


6 - Month Angel Whisperer Program

$2995: 6 month program

Paying in full saves You $175 for the six months

$470 per month for 6 months

Join a 3 or 6-month coaching program with Angel Whisperer, Linda Berry and start your angel communication today. Connecting with Angels (and other celestial helpers) can be the pathway you've been looking for.

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Learn to Connect and Communicate with

Your Angelic Helpers and Guides!

Linda Berry's monthly program may be exactly what you need to "Step into Spiritual Living."


Metaphysical Consultations & Readings

Astrology Consultations

$200: 90 minute consultation

  • Birth Chart
  • Transit Chart
  • Relationship Synastry Chart
  • Solar Return Chart
  • Lunar Return Chart
  • Eclipse Chart: Solar Eclipse and/or Lunar Eclipse
  • Relocation Chart

$350: Combine any two charts listed above

Get in touch with Your Higher Self on a regular basis and create opportunities for spiritual growth.

Metaphysical Readings

$150: 60 minute readings

  • Hand & Palm Analysis
  • Numerology Analysis
  • Angel Card Reading
  • Tarot Card Reading
  • Native Indian Card Reading

Metaphysical consultations and readings help You connect with Your inner guidance to achieve a spiritual focus in Your life. Schedule a on-on-one session with Linda and experience your own transformation TODAY!

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