Encouraging people to get in touch with their Higher Self regularly creates opportunities for Spiritual Growth.

Hello there, I’m Linda Berry!

I've been actively seeking my own spirituality since I was very young. I started analyzing hands and palms and reading astrology charts as a child. Since then, I have studied in various areas of old-age "Native Indian" Spirituality and Modern-Age Spirituality which includes metaphysics and science. Combining these two ideologies, I developed an exclusive style of consulting, coaching, training, and reading at my Spiritual Discovery Center.

I coined the term "Angel Whisperer™" and I have been communicating with my guides and angels throughout my growth as a spiritual professional. I am also an international astrologer, podcast host, and spiritual & metaphysical book author.

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A few more Fun Facts about me

  • I studied at Arizona State University and received a double Bachelor of Science degree.
  • During my spiritual studies I completed Native Indian Spiritual training with the Cherokee. As an initiated High Priestess with the Cherokee Nation, my name is "White Raven Calling".
  • I have also been spiritually trained by Toltec Indian High Priestess, Mother Sarita. For those of you who aren't familiar, she is the mother of Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements.
  • I volunteer in my local community and have been invited to serve as an instructor, presenter , and reader at various organizations and functions.
  • I have six Terrier-Chihuahua fur babies - Bailey and Cognac and their pups Tequila, Champagne, and Kahlua and my rescued pup, their cousin, Whiskey.
  • For all the Angel-Loving people in the world (myself included) I am a firm believer that Angels can help you experience the magic of the Universe.

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