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Use Moon Paper for

Goal Setting

o you have a vision in mind of how you want your life to be, as well as a clear plan on how to get there?  It is surprising how many times people are asked this question, only to discover that they are simply wandering along just letting life happen to them, all the while wishing that their dreams would come true.  

This is where this can help!  Why should you sit back, waiting for life to happen as it will, when you have the power to set our own goals and the energy and desire to make your dreams a reality?  Setting goals puts you squarely in charge of your own life, and that is a very desirable situation.  Here are a few simple steps found helpful in making goal setting even easier and more successful.  

  • The physical act of writing a goal on paper helps to anchor it in your mind, so write your goals down and make certain that you keep your goal centered on you and not someone else. 
  • Be sure to state your goal in positive terms, as positive statements draw positive things your way.  For example, "I am always on time" is preferable to "I am never late." 
  • Our subconscious only understands the present time.  So, if you create goals that are set in the future, your subconscious will keep those goals in the future.  For this reason, it is best to always write your goals as if they were already happening (include the word “now”). 
  • State your goals clearly and precisely so that the Universe and your subconscious know exactly what YOU want.  Using strong words that evoke emotion and command action helps to call forth the energy needed to move forward. 
  • And, most importantly, when you write down your goals, imagine yourself already being, doing, or having the things that you are dreaming about.  This will further activate and imprint your goals on your subconscious.  

These five simple steps can be used each month during the New Moon to help gather valuable energy from this lunar phase. Write your goals on the “Moon Paper” – paper that has been energized by the Full Moon (two weeks previous to the New Moon) by placing the paper in view of the Full Moon outside for up to 12 hours.

After writing your goals, wishes, dreams, etc. on your lunar energized paper (from the Full Moon), place it in view of the New Moon outside for up to 12 hours. This additional technique can help speed things along in achieving both short and long terms goals.

After charging the New Moon Paper it should be put away in a safe place - binder, folder, drawer, etc. DO NOT burn or throw away the Moon Paper.



To find out more about using Moon Paper, click this link to go to Linda Berry's Podcast on Blog Talk Radio. Listen to any Lunar News Radio Show for the New & Full Moon where she reviews how to use Moon Paper in detail. Also, check out her Facebook Page on e regular basis for the latest Full & New Moon information, as well as useful material on the Sun & Moon Eclipses. Have additional questions, please email Linda directly.

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What is Mercury Retrograde?

The "retrograde" motion refers to a period of time when a planet appears to be moving backward, as seen from Earth. But this is just an optical illusion that is very symbolic in Astrology.

Mercury is the celestial body that rules our communication skills, intellectual processes, and technological devices. This planet turns Retrograde 3 or 4 times a year and for several weeks at each time. when it is Retrograde, it's energy has a noticeable effect on our lives.

In 2022 Mercury goes in Retrograde motion in the innovative Zodiac Sign of Aquarius in January, then again in May in both the signs of Gemini and Taurus, followed by another bought in September in the Sign of Libra.

This is an excellent time to explore your intellectual processes and beliefs that prevent you from embracing new opportunities in your life.

Harness this energy to get rid of any unconscious bias separating you from becoming a more authentic version of yourself. If you discover that you’ve been wrong about something, be grateful for the possibility of changing your mind for the better.

Putting it All Together

What do to we do during a Mercury Retrograde period? We review & reflect, reclaim, rejuvenate & repair, revise, and reorient with what Mercury's energy embodies.

How Mercury Retrograde Impacts each Zodiac Sign

Mercury Retrograde influences each Zodiac Sign differently, some signs feeling it more intense than others. The following Astrological Forecast is for each Sun Sign individually, giving the energetic impact of Mercury Retro.


Aries Zodiac Sign (March 20 – April 19) 

Think about your social interactions during the retrograde period. You might have unconscious prejudices regarding your motives and the people you hang out with.  If you need to apologize to someone, this is the perfect time to do so.

Taurus Zodiac Sign (April 20 – May 20)

You are inspired to reflect on your career path while Mercury is in retrograde motion. You might be following a particular profession because of external influences or unconscious drives, and this is a proper time to acknowledge it.


Gemini Zodiac Sign (May 21 – June 20) 

Mercury is your ruling planet, so this retrograde period might be a frustrating time. Having restricted travel options at this time will enable you to journey inside your mind and practice the power of manifestation. Rely on your mental power to change your reality.


Cancer Zodiac Sign (June 21 – July 21) 

Mercury Retrograde can help you overcome long-held, worn-out beliefs and systems. Look objectively at your bad habits and try to change them with love and patience.


Leo Zodiac Sign (July 22 – August 21)

Do your actions match your words? This Mercury Retrograde period encourages you to look at the messages you send to others. If you can’t deliver what you promise, don’t promise anything at all. Showing respect will be rewarded.


Virgo Zodiac Sign (August 22 – September 21) 

This retrograde energy asks you to be something you are not comfortable with: spontaneous and detached. It teaches you that life can’t always be planned or controlled, which can prove to be liberating if you give it a try.


Libra Zodiac Sign (September 22 – October 22)

This retrograde energy might inhibit your sense of enjoyment as a social butterfly, feeling tired and spending more time alone. Use this period to dabble in your creative talents and express your inner self through art. Don’t think about too much and enjoy the results.


Scorpio Zodiac Sign (October 23 – November 21) 

During this retrograde period your family and domestic life will take center stage.  

If struggling with some tensions, watch your temper to curb them from magnifying. Putting aside pride at this time gives you power to heal all of these problems. This will relieve the tension and shorten the road to reconciliation.


Sagittarius Zodiac Sign (November 22 – December 20)

Mercury Retrograde falls in your communication house, leading to problems with technical devises as well as misunderstandings in your social interactions. Try meeting people face-to-face and say what you mean, so you don’t have to clarify your intentions.


Capricorn Zodiac Sign (December 21 – January 18)  

This retrograde period uncovers prejudices and unconscious biases regarding your finances and materialistic drives. 

Any financial issues you have to address will have a profound lesson behind them for you to absorb. But don’t worry, this is only temporary and will prove to be helpful in the long run. Reset your values and focus on what matters most to you.


Aquarius Zodiac Sign (January 19 – February 17) 

This Mercury retrograde falls in your Zodiac Sun Sign, which could lead to losing some natural confidence when interacting with others. So, instead of going out, use this time to be with yourself and do some self-analysis without overthinking everything to not become anxious and self-conscious.


Pisces Zodiac Sign (February 18 – March 19)

This Mercury Retrograde energy stimulates your spirituality, so pay attention to signs in the form of dreams or serendipitous occurrences. Your intuition will be sharper than ever, as you follow it's guidance with confidence it will bring significant messages for the coming year.

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Home Clutter Mirrors Blocked Chakras

Chakra Balancing Tips
A person does not have to look beyond his own home environment to discover which Chakra centers may be problematic or blocked. Hoarders are especially at risk of a complete Chakra system shutdown. Taking a tour of your living space will help give you clues as to which of your Chakras need attention. 

Chakra blockages are often mirrored by the state of disarray in the various rooms in your home. A messy or disorganized kitchen could reflect a Heart Chakra imbalance. A cluttered den or home office may indicate mental confusion or lack of focus. A dusty or unorganized master bedroom can affect your love relationship negatively. Grimy window panes may mimic clouded third eye perceptions. An overstuffed attic or dirty rain gutters may be mirroring a blocked Crown Chakra. Rooms and living spaces that typically represent the major Chakras are: 

Crown Chakra: Attic, Roof
Third Eye (Brow) Chakra: Den, Home Office, Windows
Throat Chakra: Living Room, Family Room
Heart Chakra: Kitchen, Dining Areas
Solar Plexus Chakra: Bathrooms, Personal Spaces
Sacral Chakra: Master Bedroom
Root Chakra: Basement, Crawl Spaces, Garages
Aura: Porches, Decks, Landscaping, Carports, Storage Units 

Cleaning and Organizing
It is important not to hire someone else to do the clean-up for you. In order to benefit from clearing your Chakra system as well as getting your home clean and uncluttered, it is key that you participate in the house cleaning.  

Of course, do ask family members who are living with you to roll up their sleeves and help out. All members of a household play some role in creating the messes, so everyone will benefit by sharing in the clean-up. Children should be responsible for cleaning and organizing their own bedrooms. How much you help or supervise the children's cleaning will depend on their ages. A teenager should be able to tackle clearing a bedroom with very little or no assistance.  

Routine Surface Sweeps
A quick sweep of obvious clutter will help you feel better temporarily, but the real test will be instilling the habit of keeping order in the future. A surface sweep is a very good habit for daily upkeep or weekly cleaning. A surface sweep is when you will walk through each room of your home and put things that are obviously out of place back where they belong.  

Deeper Sweeps
Undertaking the project of thoroughly cleaning your home can be overwhelming. The best way to de-clutter your space is to systematically go through your stuff item by item. Habits of tossing odds and ends into designated junk drawers simply won't do.  

Tackle One Room at a Time
A good system is to assign yourself one room or area to focus on each month. The kitchen is a good starting place. The kitchen represents the heart of the home and also mirrors your Heart Chakra. Once your heart is cleared the project of cleaning the rest of your home will be much easier to tackle. Assign yourself chores associated with the designated room at the beginning of the month. Here is an example of weekly chores for the kitchen:  

Weekly Kitchen Chores
First Week: Dust and wash everything that is in sight (countertops, kitchen table, small appliances, sink, stovetop)
Second Week: Empty all the cupboards, toss out expired goods, re-organize your pantry goods, dishes and cookware. Get rid of items that are no longer useful.
Third Week: Mop floors, clean walls, and launder curtains.
Fourth Week: Clean oven, refrigerator, and light fixtures.

Roll up your sleeves, clean, clean, and clean some more. Your Chakras will thank you!


Check out Linda Berry's Chakra Balancing Course NOW! Understand the purpose of the 7 Chakras, their basic functions, the energies associated with each, and the location of each within your body.

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10 Biggest Feng Shui Mistakes

Feng Shui enthusiasts use "cures" for everything from finding love to winning the lottery. And while adding plants and wind chimes to strategic spots can attract fortune, what you don't do can often be as important as the actions you do take. Here, then, are the ten biggest Feng Shui mistakes you can make, and how to fix them:

Never Entering Your Home through the Front Door -- Your front door governs your career and life path. When you enter your home through the garage or back door, you lose sight of your life's purpose. Job opportunities dry up and aimlessness sets in. Get into the habit of using the front door at least once a day, even if you have to go out of your way to do so. 

Keeping Exercise Equipment in the Bedroom -- The bedroom should evoke play, not work. Storing your Stairmaster in the boudoir will make relationships arduous and exhausting. Move your exercise machine to another part of the house. If you want to work out in the bedroom, do it between the sheets! 

Allowing Clutter to Accumulate -- Musty newspapers, dirty laundry, and piles of toys can weigh you down, both physically and emotionally. Tidy up at least once a week to restore your health.

Keeping Hall Closets Jammed to Overflowing – Hall closets represent your capacity to be receptive. Keeping yours stuffed with sports equipment, off-season clothing, and sundry junk will cut you off from helpful people. Clear out these spaces so they are one-third empty, then wait for burdens to lift. 

Leaving Walls Bare and Lifeless -- Blank walls make it difficult to abandon yourself to pleasure. Take the time to fill your home with artwork that uplifts and inspires you. At the very least, apply colorful paint or paper to the walls. 

Leaving the Toilet Seat Up -- Women have been complaining about this phenomenon for years... and with good reason. Toilets are drains that can suck wealth right out of your life. Get into the habit of keeping the lid down when the toilet is not in use. 

Not Washing Windows -- If you don't do windows, you won't do much else, either. That's because windows are connected to your fame and reputation. When they're clear and sparkling, people will recognize and celebrate your talent. When they're dirty and dim, those golden opportunities will keep passing you by. 

Ignoring Squeaky Hinges -- Doors that moan and groan can make you inflexible. A few drops of WD-40 will loosen up more than your hinges. 

Never Cooking -- Your kitchen is the heart of your home. When it lies stagnant, all areas of your life will suffer. The more you cook at home, the happier and healthier you will be. If you can't cook, be sure to ignite the burners on your stove at least once a day to generate warmth and vitality.  

Hanging on to Unwanted Family Heirlooms -- Grandma willed you her favorite brown afghan that smells of mothballs and clashes with everything you own. Whether you've draped it over the couch or relegated it to a cardboard box, this legacy is keeping you mired in the past. Get rid of undesired gifts and move on. 


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Your Horoscope can give excellent guidance on which of your strengths and talents to use daily. For example, maybe your Horoscope says this is a good day to charge forward with projects. Then it is most important to concentrate on using your best strengths. Hand Analysis can show you your strengths and weaknesses and help you get the most from your horoscope's advice.

Using some of the more general rules here is how to work with your Horoscope: Study your best fingers (straight and strongest with vertical lines on and below). Here is where your best energy is to get the most from your Horoscope's advice. Each finger has certain energies associated with it so the condition of the finger indicates the level of that energy. For example, the thumb energy is about taking action and getting results. A strong thumb means you have confidence, are self-reliant, and you can do most things by yourself. If your thumb is weak then you are not so sure of your abilities and you may need to get some help to get things done and to make the most of your Horoscopes opportunities predicted.

Fingers that are weak (bent, proportionally thinner than others with horizontal lines across where none should be) indicate poor energy that is not going to help with your Horoscope's advice. For example, a bent middle finger (Saturn) indicates you are stressed about being accountable and responsible for your own life, your self-worth and value feel low, completing your projects seem difficult, and you feel insecure about the future. So no matter what your Horoscope says for the day, these issues will keep coming up at every turn. Of course this is just an opportunity to learn and grow, so the day need not be wasted!

It is important to recognize your limitations of each type of energy if you have a weak finger. That just means you need to get some help in that area where the energies are weak, as indicated by a weak finger. If your fingers are strong and straight, there should be no limitations in each of the energies and the Horoscope prediction should come true easily with the energy being used from the planets.

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