Angel Number Goddess

September Harris

September Harris has spent the majority of her career life in the United States Armed Forces. In her service as a veteran, she has traveled the world from Iraq and Qatar to Korea. During her tenure she's held multiple positions such as Culinary Manager, Information Management Specialist, Human Resources and Travel Manager, Equal Opportunity Advocate, Financial Specialist, as well as an Army Recruiter.

Over the years, she’s also been the owner of several successful businesses and currently enjoys her work as the CEO of a jewelry company. In addition, with over 15 years’ experience, she’s known as the “Angel Number Goddess” and is an expert in receiving and interpreting Angel numbers and signs. Co-author of the Angel Whisperer™ Guide, she shares how to decipher messages from Angels and celestial guides.

Dedicated to using her spiritual gifts, September teaches others by empowering them to find the magic that resides within by discovering their own unique abilities. In #1 best-seller “The Habits Code” book she gives valuable information to assist in the reader’s spiritual growth. She shares a simple five-step habit plan to establish a personal connection with Angels and other divine beings.

September holds a BA Degree in Hospitality Management from UCLA Irvine and as an aspiring Reiki Master she's currently working on her Reiki and massage certifications. She is the proud mother of 4 children and in her spare time, she loves singing, cooking, bowling, writing, relaxing on the beach and being out in nature with the kids.

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